The following links point to kind of information that gets outdated quickly, so please report any links that become invalid since publishing date of this page. All the links below were fully functional as of April 2016.

Do you want to build or convert your own electric vehicle rather than buy it? Here are couple of resources to help to get started:

Below are links to few archived pages put together by me, Victor Tikhonov, the owner of Metric Mind Corporation. These are personal EV conversion projects started as far back as 1995 when we had Compuserve BBS, 5-1/4″ floppy disks and hand coded our web sites using HTML3.2. Having nearly 30 years experience in EV electronics and about 40 years of hardware design as a background allowed me to raise the bar from typical beginner’s tinkering to the most advanced designs for OEM EV industry today. Here are also links to technical and engineering websites unrelated to EV conversions but containing information you may find useful if you deal with design of electronics in general:

Personal website 1 – No Compromise Audi A6 Advanced EV conversion project (2008)
Personal website 2 – Nissan Leaf charging system upgrade project (2013)
Personal website 3 – Honda CRX Advanced EV conversion project with AC drive (2004)
Personal website 4 – Honda CRX Beginner’s EV conversion with DC drive (1995)
Personal website 5 – Reverse Engineering of Better Place’s Nissan Qashqai EV and its BMS (2013)