MMC Custom BMS solutions

EV Battery Management Systems

MMC is available to consult on or design a Battery Management System per your exact specifications to fit your application. We have done designs for automotive OEMs as well as for stationary applications. Examples are: BMS for 12V lithium battery (replacement of  SLI lead acid battery in a racing vehicle), BMS for remote telecom systems backup battery system, BMS for portable medical device battery. Call or email us to find out how custom BMS solution can benefit  you and add value to your project. Few examples of the systems allowed to be shared or MMC own designs are presented below.

NOTE: None of BMS designed by MMC are manufactured or available for sale – these were custom developments executed as contract jobs and owned by respective customers.


12 cell front end
active balancer based on LT chip set
16 cell slave controller designed for remote sensing 400V EV BMS
controller with
local shunt
Main BMS
controller with
remote sensing
ind_loop_bms_front - web4 cell 12V BMS with inductive comm. link
for industrial battery
12v_bms4 cell 12V BMS
embedded into
battery enclosure