EV Fluid Heaters


The MMC4000 series heaters are not in production and are not planned to be manufactured by MMC. The design is completed and MMC will sell the design to any qualified manufacturer to take the ownership of the product and set up their own manufacturing as they see fit. as the engineering company, MMC has no production capacity or expertise, nor is seeking to establish it. If your company is interested in purchasing MMC4000 design, please contact MMC for details.

The MMC4000 series OEM EV fluid heaters design is our new development superseding discontinued MES RM3 and RM4 series fluid heaters for electric vehicles including trucks and buses. It has greatly improved specifications vs. MES heaters and the same version will work with either 12V or 24V auxiliary vehicle net. Great control flexibility 5 ways: (user programmable modes):
– By simple ON/OFF via ENABLE input (MES RM3/4 series compatible mode)
– By external analog voltage
– By external potentiometer
– By external PWM signal
– By CAN 2.0b from external VCU.

Heater controller is programmable using isolated (via fiber optic) serial interface which also serves as diagnostic interface – other than electrical safety this provides great reliability in the environment where presence of engine coolant and water accelerates corrosion of conventional connector contacts. Two versions are planned: MMC4000LV (200…500 VDC input) and MMC4000HV (450…900 VDC), both 4000W max power. Each version comes with or without integrated water pump, which further enhances installation flexibility for the user.

Water (or 50:50 ethylene glycol and water solution for cold climates) temperature in the heater’s tank is maintained at default 80±2°C (176±3°F). All interface inputs/outputs are galvanically isolated from the high voltage traction battery power.

The plumbing fittings are 19 mm (3/4″) OD.

NOTE: This product is not in manufacturing. The design, which has been prototyped and tested, was intended to be sold to an EV development or manufacturing company to be taken to production. As a design firm, MMC does not have nor need mass manufacturing capacity and will not make MMC4000 systems in house – we will transfer product ownership to qualified OEM. If you’re interested in acquiring design of MMC-4000 fluid heaters, please contact MMC for details.

PRICE: n/a

200...500 VDC
4 kW, adjustable
80°C (176°F) max
Approx. 240 mm x 120 mm x 75 mm
2 kg
Integrated water pump, CAN control