EdgeWedge ™ PCB connector


transpBack in September 2020 MMC designed and patented new type of uncommitted PCB connector meant for temporary circuit access, such as ICSP or SWD programming, JTAG scanning, debugging etc. The connection is done through the edge of the PCB using castellated holes located around PCB corner.

The idea of using this type of plated holes is not new, see for instance edge-connect family of connectors. What’s new is this:

  • True zero space required on the PCB, no retaining holes, contact pads, nothing on the surface. Nevertheless, it will reliably latch in place with positive click and there is no chance it will accidentally unplug itself.
  • Connector cost. While edge-connect type will run $80-$90, EdgeWedge adapter is $19.
  • DIY style. If desired, EdgeWedge connector can be built by anyone from common materials. Plans and drawings presented here and can be downloaded.
    Try this with Edge-connect type.
  • Flexibility. EdgeWedge can be built with any number of contacts. The mating connector fitted on the other side of adapter can be any type to match your programming or debugging tools: In this example below two common mating connector choices are deployed: 6 pin modular jack and 6 pin header. The particular adapter shown here is meant for Microchip’s programming/debugging tools such as ICD2/3/4 or PICKIT2/3/4. Granted, adapter can be used with other tools, as it consists of just straight through uncommitted connections between both ends.

Here below are few photos what the EdgeWedge (TM) connector looks like:

3 7 4 6 2 IMG_0651 209

Connecting    EdgeWedge to a PCB: insert the corner and press down, it will snap in.

Disconnecting  EdgeWedge from a PCB: hold the adapter and simply lift up your board.