MMC Serial Datalogger Key Fob

EV Instrumentation


The Metric Mind Data Logger is a very convenient, key fob sized gadget complementing our EVision measurement and instrumentation product. Now you don’t have to take and operate a laptop in your EV if you want to capture and analyze the vehicle’s battery and overall performance. Simply plug the Data Logger into EVision’s serial port and it will capture and store about 1 months worth of continuously streaming data on an inexpensive 2GB capacity SD card. You can read the captured ASCII file(s) off the card on your PC and analyze and plot the data using MS Excel or any suitable software of your choice. The Data Logger is directly powered by the EVision main controller over a single cable for power and data. The Data Logger can be used as generic tool (not EVision or EV related) to capture a serial data stream from any device to a file on the SD card. The operating status of the Data Logger is indicated by bright red and blue LEDs and the data logging process can be completely unattended. The Data Logger firmware is field upgradeable via the SD card. Simply copy a downloaded firmware upgrade file onto the SC card, insert the card into the Data Logger’s card slot and use the controlling button, prompted by flashing LEDs. The unit is packaged in a rugged, machined aluminum enclosure with a classy wirebrushed finish. The top and bottom halves of the enclosure are held together by 4 brass screws. A must have tool for any EVer who wants to optimize driving efficiency, troubleshoot the battery or drive system, or just have handy storage of data.

PRICE: current MMC price list.

59mm x 40mm x 15mm
Also works as generic stand alone datalogger