BRUSA HSM1-10.18.22 Hybrid Synchronous AC motor

EV Motors

The most powerful offer from BRUSA – Hybrid synchronous motor HSM1-10.18.22 offers unprecedented continuous power delivery up to 145 kW. Will be offered as stand alone or mated with the Getrag  planetary gear box as the DTSP1 drive. Works with BRUSA DMC534 and DMC544 traction inverters.


  • High shaft peak torque – 460 Nm (with DMC544)
  • High peak power – 225 kW
  • High efficient over a wide speed- and torque range
  • Very high intrinsic safety (max. induced voltage <520 V at 12,000 RPM)
  • Optionally available with DTSP1 gearbox

Manufactured by BRUSA Elektronik AG (Switzerland). Distributed and supported
in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand exclusively by Metric Mind Corporation.

Manufacturer’s documentation is available here.
NOTE: all downloadable documentation is Copyright © BRUSA Elektronik AG.
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PRICE: current MMC price list.

300...450 VDC
145 kW
270 Nm (with DMC544)
220 kW (with DMC544)
460 Nm (with DMC544)
600 A (inv. dependent)
12,000 rpm
Involuted spline
340 x 292 mm dia
76 kg
Option - mated with gear box as DTSP1 drive