BRUSA NLG513-U1-01A-A01 Battery Charger

EV Battery Chargers

NLG513W_photoThe J1772 compliant BRUSA NLG513-U1-01A-A01 is water cooled version of NLG5 series charger. Physical dimensions are smaller than that of the air cooled counterpart because of no side cooling fans and fins. Electrical parameters are identical for either type. Totally sealed unit, ideally suited to work in completely enclosed compartments with no air circulation.

By default one KN51U-03m-B01 mains cable with mating connector and one KN51A-02m-B01 battery cable with mating connectors are required for each NLG5xx charger. If you require no cables or extra set of cables, this should be specified at the time of order. We also can supply just one or both cables alone, thus they are prices separately. Each charger comes with low voltage interface connector kit along with temperature sensors and RS232 plug (this kit can also be purchased separately if extra/spare is required).

While nominal output voltage range of 200…520 VDC guarantees nominal output power the charger can output lover DC voltage (down to 12VDC) with reduced output power.

Several thousands of NLG5 units have been installed and work in EVs every day worldwide. Many years of stellar reliability of the NLG5 in the field have made it the choice of OEM, and we make it available to individuals as well.  Aftermarket modification of a production EV’s charging system can greatly benefit from the NLG5. Here is one example of such upgrade done for a Nissan Leaf: three NLG5 power boosters resulting in 13.3kW of total charging power allow the vehicle to recharge in less than 100 minutes.

Chargers are manufactured in Switzerland by the most reputable company producing finest EV hardware – BRUSA Elektronik AG. 2 years warranty. The chargers are CE certified and fully qualify and ready for UL approval if required by an OEM customer. Please contact MMC for this matter.

Dependability and capability to handle any voltage and any battery chemistry as well as unmatched flexibility, configurability and ability to control (and be controlled by) periphery devices either via CAN bus or simple analog control sets these chargers apart from competition. Great for R&D – for instance allows battery tests and characterization by manual or automated steering by external means be it analog or digital potentiometer or LabVIEW environment. The BRUSA NLG5 or NLG6 series EV chargers are very safe investment: flash upgradable, ready for practically any type of today’s or future EV battery or supercapacitor bank. Very likely the last charger you will ever need.

Manufactured by BRUSA Elektronik AG (Switzerland). Distributed and supported
in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand exclusively by Metric Mind Corporation.

Manufacturer’s documentation is available here.
NOTE: all downloadable documentation is Copyright © BRUSA Elektronik AG.
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Other support resources such as Software user manual, flash firmware upgrade tools and information is available upon request. Contact Metric Mind Corporation

For more application information visit BRUSA NLG5xx Charger Library

PRICE: current MMC price list.

100...264 VAC
16 A rms
200...520 VDC
12.5 A
3.3 kW
+/- 1% of max voltage
-20...+80 °C (-4...+176 °F)
267 mm x 263 mm x 89 mm (10.51" x 10.35" x 3.5")
6.2 kg (13.64 lb)
Outputs of few units can be connected in parallel or in series