BRUSA NLG513 Liquid Cooled battery charger

EV Battery Chargers


BRUSA NLG5 series EV battery chargers were discontinued and no longer sold by the manufacturer. Therefore remaining MMC stock will be independently sold by MMC as surplus.

The NLG513-U1-01A-A01 battery chargers can be used to charge any battery up to 520 VDC. They will output nominal power starting from 260 VDC output, and as current limited devices, will reduce output power at lower output voltages. Fully programmable by user and work in automatic as well as CAN controlled mode. Free ChargeStar NLG5 configuration software is available for download. This software can only be installed on a PC running 32 bit OS, and having real serial port is highly recommended.

120...240 VAC 50...60 Hz
16 A
260...520 VDC nom.
12.5 A
3.3 kW
+/-1% of top scale
-20...+60 'C (coolant)
Liquid (ethylene-glycol engine coolant or DI water)
265 x 265 x 89 mm (10.5" x 10.5" x3.5")
8.5 kg (19 lb)
Fully isolated, Automatic or CAN controlled