BRUSA HSM1-10.18.04 Hybrid Synchronous AC motor

EV Motors

hsm10-08-04The HSM1 offers a high and continuous starting torque. From a speed of approximately 4,500 rpm on the motor offers constant performance and maximum speed. Therefore it is ideally suited for small electric vehicles or motorbikes to achieve a high start acceleration and high top speeds with no gearbox. Furthermore, this motor is optimal for range extender applications.


  • High gravimetric torque and power density
  • Minimal drag losses
  • Minimal torque fluctuations
  • Constant power over a very high speed range
  • Optimally matched to the motor inverters available
  • Intrinsically safe:
    Induced voltage at max. speed and passive inverter 520 V

Manufactured by BRUSA Elektronik AG (Switzerland). Distributed and supported
in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand exclusively by Metric Mind Corporation.

Manufacturer’s documentation is available here.
NOTE: all downloadable documentation is Copyright © BRUSA Elektronik AG.
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PRICE: current MMC price list.

360V / 450V
31 kW
52 Nm @ max inverter current
105 Nm
150 A rms
Involuted spline
158 x 270 dia
25 kg
95% efficient