BRUSA DTSP1 Single Planetary Traction Drive

EV Transaxle assembly

This package consists of the your choice of one of BRUSA HSM series motors mated with fixed 2.842:1 reduction ratio planetary gear box. The DTSP1 is optimal solution if used in place of conventional ICE based drive trains in RWD vehicles. It includes mechanical parking lock.

The DTSP1 is shown here with the BRUSA HSM1-10.18.13 hybrid synchronous motor, but can be mated with the HSM1-6.17.12 or the HSM1-10.18.22. The gearbox is manufactured by Oberaigner in Germany. Distributed and supported in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand exclusively by Metric Mind Corporation.

Manufacturer’s documentation is available here.
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PRICE: current MMC price list.

504 mm (with the HSM1-10.18.13 motor)
304 mm
328 mm
20.6 kg (73.5 kg including the motor)
600 Nm
1,700 Nm