BRUSA BDC546 DC/DC Converter

EV DC/DC converters

BRUSA_B_BDC546_photoThe BRUSA BDC546 is high power (180kW nominal, 220 kW peak) high voltage bi-directional non-isolated DC/DC converter meant for energy exchange between power sources and loads with different voltage levels. Primary application is a drive system requiring fairly stable power source and fuel cell, ultra-capacitor bank or similar power source with wide voltage swings as well as sophisticated quick charging station. The device is designed utilizing resonant SoftSwing (R) topology which allows minimal losses, excellent EMC behavior, extremely high efficiency (close to 99%) and unbeatable gravimetric power density of 7.14 kW/kg).

Manufactured by BRUSA Elektronik AG (Switzerland). Distributed and supported
in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand exclusively by Metric Mind Corporation.

Manufacturer’s documentation is available here.
NOTE: all downloadable documentation is Copyright © BRUSA Elektronik AG.
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PRICE: current MMC price list.

150...750 VDC
50...600 VDC
300/400 A
180 kW nom.
98.9% (buck mode)
Liquid, >15 l/min
IP6K6, IP6K7
640 x 280 x 80 mm
Max LS/HS voltage ratio is 0.95, CAN controled, field upgradable, digital I/Os