Bosch brushless PAD water pump

EV Auxiliary Water Pumps

A water pump provides coolant circulation through the power inverter and AC motor. As a heat exchanger vehicle stock radiator can be used, but so much de-heating capacity is not required – near 90% efficient AC drive system generates far less heat than a 20%…25% efficient internal combustion engine. For the same reason it is hopeless to use cooling water to heat the cabin or batteries in the EV – the water is barely warm to the touch when the system runs.

One type of automotive grade water pump is available – 12 VDC, magnetic drive type, which means the impeller is contained in totally enclosed chamber with no shaft link to the motor so there is no possibility for leak. Bosch pump uses BLDC motor. Magnetized impeller is driven by magnetic field of another cylindrical magnet attached to the motor shaft. Both magnets are separated by plastic wall. Rated for continuous duty to pump water or the standard cooling solution (ethylene glycol and water mixture) up to 100 °C.

Water inlet and outlet fittings are 19 mm (3/4″) for clear plastic tube or rubber hose connection. Supplied with mating connector and wire harness with inline fuse.

Made in Germany by Robert Bosch AG Corp. One year warranty.

Price list

12...14 VDC
~15 L/min (~3.96 GPM)
100 °C (212 °F)
10,000 hrs
96 x 55 (dia) mm ( 3.77" x 2.16" dia)
~ 200 g (~0.44 lb)
Magnetic drive, sealed water chamber