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Welcome to the Metric Mind website. What we do is constantly watching EV industry trends, finding out what is missing, sort out ideas how to fill the void, and innovate. Electronic designs we offer are unique because we are not constrained by how it is usually done and think how can we do it better.
One example – our flagship product EVision II. Originated as successor of discontinued OEM product (BCM series Ah counter used to be manufactured by BRUSA Elektronik AG),  its second generation is by far the most advanced instrument in its class that can be integrated into existing vehicle design as well as into stationary equipment. Its companion – our ultra portable (the size of a key fob) datalogger, can store 1 month worth of continuously streaming EV performance data onto 2 GB SD Card. Custom designed Battery Management Systems are among the safest in industry with unique hardware characteristics like immunity to the battery failure, extensive isolation between components using fiber optics. Our latest development – front end measurement hardware for advanced BMS solution – bi-directional cell balancer based on Linear Technology’s  LTC3300 and LTC6804 ICs ans using planar magnetics. This hardware can be applied to your existing BMS system replacing inefficient passive balancing methods with active balancers. Welcome to inquire for the design and consulting services we offer!