Nissan Leaf gets 10kW charging power boost


If you want to greatly improve usability of your Leaf and break free from any public or home EVSE for charging, BRUSA NLG513 liquid cooled chargers are ideal for the job. MMC developed a simple way to upgrade stock ‘2011 or ‘2012 Leaf Nichicon 3.3kW charger with additional on-board 3.3kW, 6.7kW or 10kW booster charger for fast recharge. While 0-80% recharge time by external DC Quick charging station takes stock Leaf ~30 min, developed solution allows the same level of recharge in ~100 min at home, without any EVSE. You can plug your Leaf anywhere you can find common 240VAC 50A outlet. Leaf’s stock hardware remained unchanged and no extra space in the cabin, trunk or under hood is taken. This private (e.g. unrelated to MMC main business) blog describes this upgrade implementation with design details provided as open source.

April 19 2013