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Welcome to the Metric Mind Corporation website. We are small and nimble firm specializing in custom development of electronics. Our passion is Electric Vehicles and while our main expertise is high voltage EV battery management systems, we found ourselves focusing more and more on custom 12 VDC…48 VDC electronics designs. They include not only low voltage systems replacing 12/24/42V SLI lead acid batteries in vehicles, but also anything that runs on lithium battery power : drones, stand-by UPS’es, medical and remote telecom equipment, scooters, motorized wheelchairs, power tools, etc. If you can’t find off-shelf product to fit your application, MMC will do the job very efficiently, working with virtually no overhead.
A good representing example – development of the BMS for a company producing industrial 12V Lithium batteries replacing lead acid counterparts. These Lithium batteries comes in three capacity flavors with peak discharge currents up to 200 A. The system was meant to replace the balancer made in Far East that was causing battery failures in the field. The initial specification put forward was to develop sealed battery for harsh environment with no external connectors. The outcome of the development was the system featuring inductive communication link between the BMS circuit and external transceiver dongle placed near the battery to set and monitor battery status and the BMS performance. Over the course of development internal power dissipation requirements have changed so that miniaturized optic comm. link was adopted instead, leaving more room for high power handling components.

Because we are able to capitalize on previous proven design solutions, the development cycle from start to finish was very short – less than 800 hours spread over ~6 months for both the hardware and the software.

Another example is demanding application – the BMS for 12V AUX Lithium battery for a hybrid racing vehicle.

Welcome to inquire for the design and consulting services we offer!