Custom EV Battery Management Systems

working_protoMMC designs custom Battery Management Systems that integrate into your existing project. Since around 2015 we transitioned to exclusively design and implement active balancing BMS systems as well as main BMS controllers combined with vehicle control units, thus creating new class of devices (BMVCU). This photo is an example of working software development system consisting of 12 cells BMS node and such BMVCU.

If your requirements are standard or typical, you will be better off buying a battery management system on the open market. But if what you can find does not quite fit your project ideas, welcome to call or email us to discuss it.


Example of custom main BMS controller
16 cell slave controller designed for remote sensing
 Cell node installed on pouch type cell dummy
working_protoAn example of active BMVCU dev. system
for an electric motorcycle
Separate cell nodes under test with small 18650 cells
32 cell 4.7kWh
module assembly