EV Fluid Heaters

EV fluid heater is electric heater designed to be a heat source for existing heating system used in vehicles with ICE. All vehicle’s heating system design (core heat exchanger, ducts, fans, controls, etc) remain untouched and work the same familiar way, only heat source for liquid is replaced. Unlike ceramic or resistive wire heater option, no under dash modification of existing conventional heater core, air ducts or controls is needed. The heater located outside firewall simply plumbs to the heater core fittings the engine hoses use to connect to, and temperature control / enable switch is installed on the dash. More advanced and sophisticated heater models allow control and diagnostic over CAN bus.

MES RM3-HV EV fluid heaterMMC4000HV (prelim.)MMC4000LV (prelim.)
ImageRM3Photo Coming SoonPhoto Coming Soon
Integrated water pumpNoOptionOption
Working voltage range200...450 VDC450...900 VDC200...500 VDC
Nom. Power4 kW4 kW, adjustable4 kW, adjustable
Temperature set point70°C±2°C (158°F±3.6°F)80°C (176°F) max80°C (176°F) max
Temp. AdjustableNoYesYes
Env. Protection ClassIP-67IP67IP67
DimensionsApprox. 130mm dia x 250 mmApprox. 240 mm x 120 mm x 75 mmApprox. 240 mm x 120 mm x 75 mm
Weight1.7 kg2 kg2 kg
Special FeaturesPower enable inputIntegrated water pump, CAN controlIntegrated water pump, CAN control
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