EV DC/DC converters

Auxiliary DC/DC converters typically replace traditional alternator as a power source for all 12V or 24V accessories in electric vehicles. Bi-directional units can also be used to recharge high voltage traction battery from low voltage (12…24V) power source in case of emergency. Power DC/DC converters can transfer energy between traction system and energy source (such as battery, fuel cell, ultra-capacitor bank or mechanical generator) running at different voltage levels. All BRUSA converters are high performance bi-directional and liquid cooled. Choose the model below for more detailed description.

BRUSA BDC546 DC/DC ConverterBRUSA BSC628-12V DC/DC ConverterBRUSA FCS546 DC/DC ConverterBRUSA BDF624 DC/DC Converter (preliminary)
High Side Voltage Range150...750 VDC400...900 VDC50...600 VDC (either side)150...450 VDC
Low Side Voltage (nom/range)50...430 VDC14 VDC (8...16 VDC adj.)50...600 VDC (either side)150...450 VDC
Low Side Current (nom/max)300/400 A200/250 A+/- 300/400 A either side+/- 100/200 A either side
Output Power (nom/max)120 kW nom.2.8/3.5 kW175 kW40 kW nom.
Efficiency98.9% (buck mode)94.7%>97%98.9% (buck mode)
CoolingLiquid, >15 l/minLiquidLiquid, >15 l/minLiquid, >15 l/min
Operating Temperature Range-25'C...+85'C-40'C...+85'C-40'C...+65'C-25'C...+85'C
Env. Protection ClassIP6K6, IP6K7IP-65n/aIP-6K99
Dimensions640 x 280 x 80 mm300 x 150 x 70 mm640 x 263 x 314 mm333 x 196 x 110 mm
Weight25.2kg4.8 kg55 kg10 kg
Special FeaturesMax HS/LS voltage ratio is 0.95, CAN controled, field upgradable, digital I/OsHi voltage, Bi-directional, CAN (user definable) controlled, Field upgradable, Programmable I/OSymmetric bi-directional, CAN controlledMax HS/LS voltage ratio is 0.95, CAN controled, field upgradable, digital I/Os
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