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Important announcement regarding free pre-programming of all new NLG5

BRUSA NLG5 and newest NLG6 series – OEM grade, the most flexible universal EV battery charger in existence. J1772 compliant and galvanically isolated, able to handle any type of battery or supercapacitor bank. Work as stand alone chargers executing user definable charging profile or as CAN-controlled charger [typically steered by a BMS, or VCU / your own controller]. Highly efficient. The NLG5 series have analog adjustment of output power (current) down to zero by external potentiometer, digital inputs allowing advancing to the next stage in charging profile based on external events, digital outputs allowing to control periphery as advancing takes place. Can charge/maintain auxiliary 12V on-board battery while plugged in the mains. Allow parallel, series or mixed outputs connection to increase total charging voltage, current or power. Can work from single or three phase AC mains. NLG5 have universal worldwide 120…264 VAC 50…60 Hz single phase input. With reduced output power can charge as low voltage battery as 12 VDC. Absolute minimum mains input voltage required for proper operation of NLG5xx is about 90VAC. Several models are offered including air cooled and water cooled versions. Pick particular model from the list for more detailed description. NLG6 is single or three phase compact charger with 200VAC minimum AC input. More NLG5xx supporting information: BRUSA NLG5xx Charger Library

BRUSA ICS115 Inductive Charging System (preliminary, OEM only)BRUSA NLG513-U1-02A-A01 Battery ChargerBRUSA NLG513-U1-01A-A01 Battery ChargerBRUSA NLG514-U1-02A-A01 Battery Charger
Input Voltage Range Single Phase85...264 VAC100...264 VAC100...264 VAC100...264 VAC
Input Voltage Range 3 phasen/an/an/an/a
Max Input Current Single Phase16 A16 A16 A16 A
Max Input Current 3 Phasen/an/an/an/a
Output Voltage Range Single Phase170...440 VDC200...520 VDC200...520 VDC300...720 VDC
Output Voltage Range 3 Phasen/an/an/an/a
Max DC Output Current Single Phase10 A12.5 A12.5 A9 A
Max DC Output Current 3 Phasen/an/an/an/a
Max Charging Power Single Phase3.3 kW3.3 kW3.3 kW3.3 kW
Max Charging Power 3 Phasen/an/an/an/a
Power Factorn/a>0.99>0.99>0.99
Voltage Regulation Accuracy+/- 1% of max voltage+/- 1% of max voltage+/- 1% of max voltage+/- 1% of max voltage
Efficiency Single Phase>90%93%93%93%
Efficiency 3 Phasen/an/an/an/a
Operating Temperature RangeGPM -40...+50°C, CPM -40...+85°C-25...+70 °C (-13...+158 °F)-20...+80 °C (-4...+176 °F)-25...+70 °C (-13...+158 °F)
CoolingGPM - air, CPM - LiquidAirLiquidAir
Env. Protection ClassIP65IP54IP65IP54
DimensionsGPM - 600 x 800 x 60 mm, CPM - 330x280 x 25 mm334 mm x 263 mm x 89 mm (10.51" x 10.35" x 3.5")267 mm x 263 mm x 89 mm (10.51" x 10.35" x 3.5")334 mm x 263 mm x 89 mm (10.51" x 10.35" x 3.5")
WeightGPM ~30 kg, GPM <4kg6.3 kg (13.86 lb)6.2 kg (13.64 lb)6.3 kg (13.86 lb)
Special FeaturesCAN comm. to venicle, Smart grid comm. optionOutputs of few units can be connected in parallel or in seriesOutputs of few units can be connected in parallel or in seriesOutputs of few units can be connected in parallel or in series
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