EV Battery Chargers

Surplus BRUSA NLG513 EV chargers – OEM grade, J1772 compliant, galvanically isolated automatic or CAN controlled battery chargers, able to handle any type of battery or supercapacitor bank. Allow parallel outputs connection to increase total charging power. Single phase AC power feed. Liquid cooled.

BRUSA NLG513 Liquid Cooled battery charger
Input Voltage Range120...240 VAC 50...60 Hz
Max Input Current Single Phase16 A
Output Voltage Range260...520 VDC nom.
Max DC Output Current Single Phase12.5 A
Max Charging Power Single Phase3.3 kW
Power Factor0.99
Voltage Regulation Accuracy+/-1% of top scale
Efficiency Single Phase>0.85
Operating Temperature Range-20...+60 'C (coolant)
CoolingLiquid (ethylene-glycol engine coolant or DI water)
Env. Protection ClassIP67
Dimensions265 x 265 x 89 mm (10.5" x 10.5" x3.5")
Weight8.5 kg (19 lb)
Special FeaturesFully isolated, Automatic or CAN controlled