EV Transaxle assembly

Featured gear box assemblies are designed to be integral part of EV transaxle based on BRUSA EV motors. The single gear reduction and differential are housed in cast aluminum housing machined to replace front flange of the motor thus becoming one compact and sleek unit – ideal combo for ground up EV designs. One of half-shaft protrudes through the hollow motor shaft resulting in optimized layout and minimum size – whole transaxle end up being not much bigger than traction motor alone. All vehicle designer has to do is to fabricate supporting brackets and link half-shafts to drive wheels through CV joints. Transaxle supplied with different reduction ratio and work in vehicles designed as FWD, RWD or AWD. Designed and manufactured in Germany

BRUSA DTSP1 Single Planetary Traction DriveBRUSA DTSO1-096 Single Offset Traction DriveBRUSA Double Offset DTDO1 drive with GD613 EV Transaxle assembly
Oil Typen/aMobil ATF SHCMobil ATF SHC
Oil Fill Capacityn/a1.5 Ln/a
Length504 mm (with the HSM1-10.18.13 motor)456 mm639 mm
Width304 mm501 mm519 mm
Height328 mm325 mm371 mm
Overall ratio2.842:19.59:15.5:1
Max. Speed (RPM)14,0001200013000
Weight (incl. oil)20.6 kg (73.5 kg including the motor)23.8 kg (gear box only)148 kg (with both motors combined)
Max. Input Torque600 Nm270 Nm2 x 385 Nm (HSM1-10.18.13 motor)
Max. Output Torque1,700 Nm2500 Nm2 x 2,120 Nm