EV Motors

Presented motors are liquid cooled AC induction machines (BRUSA HSM6.17.12 is hybrid type) designed specifically for use in electric vehicles and to work with matching power inverters. BRUSA HSM6.17.12 hybrid motor is special type; its design and characteristics are blend of induction and synchronous motors which allows taking advantage of both types. Siemens motors are the only motors sold without matching inverters.
Chose the model below for more detailed description. Overall dimension of Siemens 513x series motors can be found here.

BRUSA HSM1-6.17.12 Hybrid Synchronous AC motorBRUSA SSM1-6.17.10 Current Excited Synchronous AC motorBRUSA HSM1-10.18.13 Hybrid Synchronous AC motorBRUSA HSM1-10.18.04 Hybrid Synchronous AC motor
Rated inverter DC voltage - Volts120...450 VDC120...450 VDC120...450 VDC360V / 450V
Rated continuous power70 kW60 kW93 kW31 kW
Rated RPM4,2006,0004,6007,500
Rated torque130 Nm100 Nm165 Nm52 Nm @ max inverter current
Peak power*120 kW160 kW (with DMC534)185 kW (with DMC544)56kW
Peak torque*220 Nm290 Nm (with DMC534)385 Nm105 Nm
Max Current (RMS)450 A (with DMC534)600 A (inv. dependent)600 A (inverter dependent)150 A rms
Max RPM12,00012,000 rpm13,00013,000
Shaft optionInvoluted splineInvoluted splineInvoluted splineInvoluted spline
Efficiency95 %95%95 %
Dimensions250 x 294 mm dia250 x 294 mm dia250 x 294 mm dia158 x 270 dia
Weight51.5 kg49 kg51 kg25 kg
Special FeaturesLiquid cooledNo rare earth magnetsIntegrated transaxle option95% efficient
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