EV AC power inverters

AC traction inverters for Electric Vehicles. Programmed for and work together with AC motors produced by respective manufacturers, therefore sold only as matching pairs. All offered inverters are liquid cooled, vector controlled devices running induction, PM or hybrid motors. Pick particular model for more detail description.

BRUSA DMC544 EV AC Traction inverterBRUSA DMC534 EV AC Traction inverterBRUSA DMC524 EV AC Traction inverterBRUSA DMC514 EV AC Traction inverter
Imagedmc5xxdmc5xxBRUSA DMC524-528BRUSA DMC514-518
Peak Power212 kW157 kW105 kW52 kW
Max. Input Voltage480 VDC450 VDC450 VDC450 VDC
Nom. Input Voltage Range120...450 VDC120...450 VDC200...450 VDC200...450 VDC
Max. DC Input current 600 A450 A300 A150 A
PWM Switching frequency24 kHz24 kHz24 kHz24 kHz
Nom. Output AC Current (RMS)450 A337 A225 A112 A
Max. Output AC current (RMS)600 A450 A300 A150 A
Env. Protection classIP-67IP-67IP-67IP-67
Dimensions580 x 240 x 88 mm470 x 240 x 88 mm360 x 240 x 88 mm250 x 240 x 88 mm
Dry Weight15 kg12 kg9 kg6 kg
Special FeaturesLiquid cooledLiquid cooledLiquid cooledLiquid cooled
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