BRUSA released 60Hz version of 22kW NLG6 battery charger for US/Canada market.


On June 29 2016 BRUSA Elektronik AG has announced releasing upgraded version of its flagship product – powerful and portable NLG6 battery charger. With acceptance of expanded  mains frequency range (45…65 Hz) the new NLG664 is now fully functional in the USA and Canada. The output power while running from a single phase is also doubled vs. original version.

The NLG664 charger (designated as NLG664-U0) is now available for ordering. The price for this new model remains unchanged vs. 50 Hz only version it replaces- please see USD price list.

Here is verbatim quote from announcement on BRUSA website:

With the NLG664 BRUSA has set an milestone in e-mobility. The on board fast charger NLG664 is now available with 45-65 Hz input frequency and enhanced single phase current capability of 30 A. This provides a great flexibility for the worldwide use of our NLG664 on-board-charger.  Thanks to its performance upgrade the charger NLG664 can also be operated in countries with 60Hz mains frequency. The NLG664 is the world’s first charger that allows the charging of a typical EV-battery in less than one hour from standard 3-phase AC grid and gives the additional option to charge with up to 7 kW from an appropriate single phase AC outlet.