BRUSA battery chargers production update


After  interruption in production and uncertain fate of the newly developed BRUSA NLG664 battery chargers the manufacturer has decided to resume production of this very capable and popular model as of end of February 2018. More information is expected to be announced on the manufacturer website soon but the chargers are available for ordering from MMC starting March 2018.

As of the NLG5 model – In mid 2017 decision has been made to gradually discontinue production of all iconic NLG5xx models for good. Last order date for the NLG5 was set to November 15th 2017. The rationale behind this decision according to BRUSA is that ~16 years old design and technology is not suitable for mass production, and also some parts for it are no longer available from sub-suppliers (some of whom are out of business by now). Presently MMC still has NLG513 liquid cooled version in stock – please inquire availability.