BRUSA NLG5xx battery chargers end of life


The iconic NLG5xx battery chargers manufactured by BRUSA Elektronik AG have entered end of life phase and will be discontinued by the end of 2017. The 16 years old design introduced circa 2000 is now superseded by more modern version – the new NLG6xx chargers, however both models will be manufactured concurrently throughout 2017 with production of the NLG5xx gradually ramping down. If your project involves use of the NLG5 model, it is advisable to arrange a lifetime buy while it is still possible to order. The parts for sub-assemblies become harder to obtain, thus the lead times for the nLG5 delivery will increase toward the end of the year.

For this reason the NLG5 is not recommended for new designs and the user should look at the NLG6 model which can also function from a single phase AC input input voltage. With maximum output power on a single phase feed about twice as much as that for the NLG5, the cost per kW for the NLG6 is lower than for the NLG5 – you would need two NLG5 units to generate equal power.

According to manufacturer’s directive, MMC will stop accepting orders for the NLG5xx in the mid-September of 2017.