BRUSA Elektronik re-introduces high voltage NLG514 EV charger to the market


Back in 2012 due to lower demand for high output voltage (~650VDC) and low voltage (<260 VDC) NLG5 EV chargers BRUSA Electronic AG consolidated all variety of models into one most commonly requested standard NLG513 model and decided to discontinue the NLG511, NLG512, NLG514 and NLG503-lite flavors. Focusing production on one model allowed to reduce its cost due to increased volume, and lower inventory variety. However, resent developments in OEM market for high performance EVs as well as mining equipment and buses using high voltage batteries necessitated availability of high output voltage chargers. This prompted BRUSA to re-introduce former successful NLG514 model with 360…720VDC output as of May 2013. As its NLG513 counterpart, the NLG514 is manufactured in air cooled and liquid cooled flavors. These models are available from Metric Mind Corporation with full 2 years manufacturer’s warranty and technical support.